Historic Homes Wiring Upgrades and Repair

Historic HomeOne of our specialties here at Classic Electric, LLC is working on historic homes.  Whether it is a remodel or troubleshooting and repairing the original wiring in the home, we are skilled at every aspect.

The first question we get asked when we are working on a historic home is whether or not knob & tube wiring is safe.  The answer is yes!  We at Classic Electric have a deep understanding of the fundamentals of electricity and we are always happy to explain to you which wiring is completely safe in your home and which wiring might need to be replaced.  Just because you have knob & tube wiring doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be upgraded.

Besides knob & tube wiring, there are many considerations when troubleshooting a historic home that has seen many homeowners through decades of different wiring styles and techniques.  Classic Electric, LLC has studied the evolution of wiring styles and techniques so we can more easily assess what might need to be repaired in your home and the most efficient way to go about the repair.  We take pride in preserving the appearance of your historic home respecting all wall coverings and fixtures throughout the repair or new installation process.

It is always a good idea to have a licensed electrician who specializes in residential remodel evaluate your historic home when you are considering having any work done.  

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