Who Are You Hiring and Why?

Would you take your car to be painted at a general automotive shop? No. You would go to an auto body shop. Would you take your car to a general mechanic to have your transmission fixed? No. You would go to a shop that specializes in transmissions. Same thing goes if you needed upholstery done. My point is that these days it is extremely rare to find anyone who does everything. Even harder to find someone who does everything well.

What (not) to do

You could hire a big company that says they can do anything. In this scenario, what you have is many divisions under one umbrella. First, you have the owner—you will hear about them but likely never meet them. Next, you will be met by the estimator who will bid the job and go over your ideas. When it comes time to do the job, you will meet a different set of people who will do the work on the job. Hopefully the estimator told the crew exactly what you went over so the work gets done right. Additionally, you hope the crew that was sent over to do the work is skilled at the type of work needed for your project and that it’s the “A” crew, not the “B” or “C” crew because the “A” crew is still working on another job for the company. If anything doesn’t go as planned, the crew blames the estimator and the estimator blames the crew and the customer is stuck in the middle.


If possible, always try to hire the person doing the work. With small companies like Classic Electric, the owner is the estimator and the master technician and the person who is performing all the work. There is no loss in translation about what was discussed and we always provide a well-written and detailed estimate. It’s always said that good fences make great neighbors; the same is true about contracts. A good contract will be very detailed and can be referenced at all times. There is no question about the details that were discussed at the beginning of the job.


Big shops are great if you need a bunch of labor in a hurry and at the last minute. A shop that specializes in exactly what you need is always best. Such as:

  • Residential new construction
  • Residential remodel
  • Commercial new construction
  • Commercial remodel
  • Industrial

Remember the car analogy. Where would you take your car—to just anyone who is available or to someone who specializes in your specific need?

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