Interesting Information About Ceiling Fans/Paddle Fans

 Interesting Information About Ceiling Fans/Paddle Fans

Ceiling fans can be very useful. The obvious is to cool down. The fan circulates and pushes air downward in the summer. A feature not well known is that you can change a switch on the fan and it will circulate in the opposite direction. Then the fan will push warm air that has risen to the ceiling area back down to you where it can be reused in the winter.

I install a lot of ceiling fans in a remodel application. Add fans where there is currently a light or add a new one altogether.

When installing a new fan, you must have the appropriate rated box built just for fans. A standard ceiling box for a light fixture will have smaller #8 screws. The correct fan box is more stout and comes with correct sized #10 screws to handle the speed and motion of the fan.

There are three types of boxes that are rated to handle ceiling fans:

1. Mounted directly to the bottom of the joist (also called pancake)
2. Mounted on the side of the joist or truss
3. Mounted using a bar (used when spanning between 2 joists or trusses)

There are three ways to control a fan. One is to use pull chains. If you currently have a light fixture, it will have a switch. Let's assume you replace the light fixture with a light/fan combination fixture. Using the pull chain method, you can set the pull chain to work in tandem with the wall switch. When you walk in the room, turn on the light with the switch, and the pull chain will have been already set so the light comes on automatically. When you need the fan, just pull its corresponding chain. If you leave it that way, the next time you come in the room and turn on the switch, the light and fan will both come on.
Another method would be to install another wire to the new fan and have wall switches for both the fan and the light.

Lastly, you can opt for a remote controlled option. This option is nice because there is no extra wiring to run for a switch. Be sure to see if a remote control is included in the box with your fan. If not, you will have to purchase that separately.

Call Classic Electric if you would like to have ceiling fans installed in your home.
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